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  Estimate 2000 Pty Ltd has long experience in accurately forecasting the cost of residential building projects. We develop the cost information that you require to make a bid for a contract. We compile and analyze data on all of the factors that can influence costs for your project.

Preliminary Cost Estimate - Prior to Construction

It seems that everyone who has ever built or renovated a home has a horror story to tell. Budget blowouts, unforeseen extras, builder variations there is an array of unpleasant surprises awaiting the ill-prepared home-owner embarking on a building project.

But you can protect yourself if you are properly prepared, and the first step to being prepared is to have a Preliminary Cost Estimate.

By conducting a Preliminary Cost Estimate right at the beginning of the design process, you will know up front what the project will cost to complete. Following your initial meeting, your architect will provide us with a basic design sketch, with simple floor plans, elevations and any special site or materials considerations. We then prepare a Cost Estimate for your approval, then you can proceed with the D.A., detailed drawings, legals and so on. This is where you start spending serious money, and you shouldn¹t do so unless you are confident that you have the design you want at a budget you are comfortable with.
  • Estimating to define project budgets
  • Analysis of the effect of design changes on the project budget
  • Cost planning to refine the budget as the design documents develop
  • Preparation of Bills of Quantities to assist in the tender process

Construction Cost Estimate - During Construction

At Estimate 2000 Pty Ltd we approach estimating in a systematic and thorough manner. Our years of experience in the Residential industry enable us to anticipate areas of project cost that may not have been fully documented during the early stages of the project design.
As specialists in Residential construction estimating we offer accurate costings during all stages of the design and construction process. We have years of quantity surveying experience in the construction industry and are truly construction cost professionals.

As the design process progresses we are able to monitor the project budget and provide timely advice to our clients to ensure that the project meets with its financial objectives.
  • Provision of cost control services during construction
  • Review of Builder's tender submissions
  • Assessment of variation and delay claims